Carolina Cares, Carolina Shares

2015 NC State Employee Combined Campagin

ePledge Make Your Donation Online

An easy, convenient, and secure way to support your favorite charity with multiple search options available that will make it even easier to find the charity of your choice.

Click on “TAR HEELS GIVE MORE” below If you wish to pay by payroll deduction or credit card, please click on the and follow the instructions to enter in your UNC-Chapel Hill Onyen and password. | Important Information: Only payroll deduction and credit card options are available online.

Other Giving Options

In addition to online giving, paper forms will be provided to all faculty and staff. If you did not receive a form or you have questions regarding the pledge process, please contact the UNC Campus Coordinator

A Tradition of Giving

The UNC family has a tradition of giving back to the community. For over 21 years, UNC employees have supported thousands of charities through Carolina Cares, Carolina Shares campaign last year pledging over $850,000- making our campaign the largest in the state!

You can continue our tradition of helping those in need by participating in this year’s Carolina Cares, Carolina Shares campaign and pledging to one or more SECC charities.

Together we can reach 1 Million!