BY: Jackie Messier-Hewitt


in the year 2004, porter was offically opened. Porter was orginally named after a educator, Mary G. Porter. Porter has its after school clubs, tutoring (if its needed), and many more! okay, porter has a uniform, but what it does it is prepare you, the uniform prepares you for a future interviews or important things. Have a important meeting? Pick a porter uniform out! When porter says bully free... We mean it! porter is a safe, caring, and a very good learning envoriment. This year is its 9th year of excellence and it will go on!

Porters star qualities.

courtesty- Being Nice and showing your manners

Compassion- Showing kindness and concern for someone

Responsibility- being accountable or to take the blame for something

Respect- treat someone the way you'd like to be treated

Honesty- telling the complete truth without a lie

perseverance- you keep going, even if its tough

Cooperation- you help out or to volunteer

Patience- to wait as long as it takes without rushing someone

courage- to cheer someone on, give them hope in keep moving forward

Sense of humor- to take nothing personally or say nothing joke wise personally, but it still a bit funny

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comparing and contrasting porter to a regular middle school

Like any other middle school, porter has sports clubs. That includes, baseball, volleyball, basketball, archery club, cheer/step/dance, 6-7th grade soccer, running club, and golf. regular middle schools you sign up and get in, porter it has a raffle. YET, porter has a raffle its all worth it. There is rare accurence of bullying at porter. It provides a great amount of education, includes just a tiny bit of higher grade education.

How to enter into a porter raffle

  1. You come to the school or download a file to get the sign up
  2. you come to porter and answer a few questions they have about you
  3. you be patience
  4. lastly, porter will mail you a letter, seeing if your coming to porter or not.