All About Me

Tithi Patel


Hi! My name is Tithi Patel. I am 15 year-old Indian from India NOT a Native American. I don't have any pets right now, but I am trying to convince my parents to get me two Budgie parakeets. I do not play any sports because I do not have any athletic bone in my body. Some of my favorite things are:

  • Day: Friday (Everyone loves Fridays!)
  • Subject: Math (I have to love the logic. It always makes sense!)
  • Music: Anything and everything besides rap
  • Movie: Too many to count (Right now, Max)
  • Book: Catching Fire
  • Hobby: Reading and listening to music

School, College, ...

I am currently a sophomore at Pataula Charter Academy, but I take college classes with Bainbridge State College. I hope to graduate high school with my diploma and an Associate Degree from Bainbridge State College. In the future, I want to attend an Ivy League College, hopefully Stanford or Harvard. I have considered University of California San Fransisco and Berkley. I want to enter the research field in genetics related to diseases and cures.


I am quite familiar with Georgia Virtual School and have taken quite a few courses before. With GAVS this semester, I am taking German III B and AP Biology B because neither of those classes are available at my high school. I want to further my knowledge in biology and learn the language and culture of Germany. I hope this AP Biology course won't be as stressful as last semester's.