Robotics Engineer

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If You want to be a robotics engineer the university of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia is the best school to go to.Robotics engineers salary depends on the type of robot,how much experience you have,and if you are employed by a university or company.


To be a robotics engineer you at least need a Bachelor`s degree and if you want you can go for a master`s degree.You may need physical strength because you may need to move a robots part and the weight may vary.In order to keep their knowledge up to date they will need to attend seminars and conferences.The classes you should take in high school are social,math,science,physics,chemistry,and algebra.A robotics engineer should have eyes that can see small problems and you usually have to have a license.


It may take months or years to build a robot so it depends on how dedicated you are to say how long it takes to build a robot.It depends on the due date or even if it has a due date so maybe you will have time for personal hobbies/activities or not.

General Info

The tasks are to build robots depending on the job that they are needed to do.Your workplace depends.You may need to work in your home and you may work with other people so it really depends.