By: Wesley Waldmann


Discovered is April of 2013

Kepler-62f orbits in the habitable zone of its host star

It is mostly covered in water on the surface

Radius is 1.4 times greater than earth

Problems and how to overcome them

Too much water, Create land

Difficult to breath, plant trees on land we created

thick clouds block light, thin the clouds out to allow light to come through

Extra Stuff

# of moons: 1

#of rings: 0

Distance from earth: 1.2k light years

Age I would be on Kepler-62f: 19 years old

I would weigh: 710.91

If I was to travel to Kepler-62f I would be 134 years old by the time I arrived traveling at .1c

the value of g would be: 5.266