Romeo and Juliet

by Joe Jewett

Paris Ruins Everything

In the play Romeo and Juliet, Paris is the one to blame for their deaths. Paris is the one to blame because he is the one that drove Juliet to to drink that potion which resulted in one horrible event after another. If Paris didn’t want to marry Juliet too quickly, Juliet might still be alive. “Monday ha ha! Well, Wednesday is too soon, O’ Thursday let it be: o’ Thursday, tell her, She should be married to this noble earl” (3.2 19-21). Paris is rushing the wedding and it’s making Juliet stressed and trying to find a way out of the marriage so she can be with Romeo. Juliet goes to get potion to make her look like she’s dead. Friar send the letter to Romeo but the letter doesn’t get to him in time and he see’s Juliet while she’s still asleep. Romeo thinks Juliet is dead and kills himself. Juliet wakes up and see’s him dead and she kills herself. If Paris gave it more time she could have found an easier way out. Juliet and Romeo could have still been alive still. In all it’s Paris to blame.


Twilight and Romeo and Juliet can be compared because Shakespeare presents two teenagers falling in love while being forbidden to have anything to do with each other because of their families feuding. Meyers (Twilight) has two teenagers fall in love.
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Romeo is just a small town guy that no one really knows, just another person. Romeo goes to a dance and finds the love of his life... Juliet. They both get married secretly so they won't get in trouble because they both are on two different sides. Juliet is forced to get married to Paris, therefore Juliet drinks a potion to make people think she is dead so she'll be put in a vault. Romeo finds out she is dead. Romeo kills himself so he can be together with Juliet forever. Juliet wakes up from the potion and finds Romeo dead. Juliet takes his dagger and stabs herself, killing her. Romeo and Juliet now live together in peace forever.
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