By Colby Hahn

My fellow zoo keepers/scientist I bring you new facts about the animal Rocky Mountain Elk. My research is new and improved. I will state the habitat , diet , and how mothers care for their young plus interesting facts.
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The habitat of the Rocky Mountain Elk. The Elk may live in the state of Colorado or low and high lands. You may even see them in western forests. Now you know where they live.
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This paragraph will state the diet of the Rocky Mountain Elk. In the summer you may see the elk eating grasses or Forbes. In the spring and fall elk will eat grasses. In winter they will eat grasses,shrubs,tree bark, and twigs.

Caring for your their young

In this paragraph I will explain how a mother cares for their young or calf. Calves are typically born in May or early June. Calves are born spotted and scentless so they can hide from predators. The first few weeks of life they will stay hidden while the mother goes to find food.
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Interesting Facts

This paragraph will state the interesting facts I collected. In summer you may see elk like a copper brown color. In fall and winter and spring they will be a light brown. Terminology wise a male elk is called a bull a female is called a cow a baby is called a calf. Bull elk are the only ones to have antlers.
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This is my report on Rocky Mountain Elk.