Very Old Song ... Dynasty

Chinese History : Victoria Gomez


It is 960 AD. The Song dynasty was founded. Song has achieved many things. They improved agriculture. Song's founder took great control in this dynasty. Song would have lasted longer if it weren't for the invaders.

Founder of Song

Song lasted for 300 years. Emperor Zhao founded the Song dynasty. Zhou took the country's finest military. He ruled Song during the most brilliant cultural epochs. Zhao built an effective centralized bureacracy staffed with civilian scholar officials.

Song Geography

Song was divided into two phases, Northern Song, and Southern Song. song's agriculture improved. Farmers planted rice in flooded fields. They grew crops and cotton. The Song dynasty was a center of trade industry and maritime commerce.

Song Dynasty Achievments

The Song has achieved many important things. From furniture to weapons. Song made porcelain, a thin beautiful type of pottery, wood block printing, a form of printing in which an entire page is carved into a block of wood, and the dragon back bone pump. They also made the compass and gun powder, gun powder helped the Chinese build the rocket. Song invented the world's first paper money system. Just imagine carrying around 50 dollars in coins in your pocket all day, it is so much better with paper money. The Song invented so much more.


It ended in 1279 AD, because of invaders. But the Song dynasty lasted a long time. Song was really advanced in agriculture, achievments, and weapons. The Song dynasty was one of the most powerful dynasties.