Henry Ford

An economics titan

Henry Ford changed the world, he is largely responsible for reviving the world's economy and consumer-ship, due in part to his wages, his innovations and his influence.

When was the last time you drove a car on the road ? Did you ever wonder who started the popularity of cars in America ? One man had a hand in all of this, and that man was Henry Ford. He used the moving assembly line to make Model-T affordable. Which was is used in many other industries to this day, He paid above minimum wage allowing his workers to purchase the vehicles. He encouraged people to go out on weekends and indirectly created “car culture”.

Early Life

He was born in Dearborn, Michigan on July 30th, 1863 to Mary And William Ford.When he was a little boy, he learned how to fix watches by himself and used them as textbooks, possibly the cause of his thirst for innovation. ( “Young Henry“, Para 1)

He dropped out of school to work in a manufacturing facility. He wanted to go on his own path and not follow his father’s. Even though his father wanted him to become a farmer (his mother, who died earlier, told him to follow his dream and be what he wants to be). He had that leadership, the courage to take risks, and had the leadership to be popular, famous, well-known, and he is a problem solver and thinks outside the box.

Ford has experienced more dramatic change than most people ever have. He lived through the Civil War to World War 2, adapted from candlelight to electric light (which his best friend, Thomas Edison had a hand in), went from a farming life to industry and, a major change that he took advantage of, from horse and carriage to the Model-T (“ Did you Know“). His innovations, especially the moving assembly line, is put in use in several industries today (beverage industry, food manufacturing and packaging etc). He laid the foundation of the twentieth century (“ Henry Ford Legacy“).

Leadership and Innovation

Ford invented the moving assembly line, where the worker only had to master one job, and the line moved instead of the worker. The workers did not like the repetitive nature of the job and quit. Henry Ford had a hard time hiring more workers every year to keep the factory going. To keep the workers in the factory , he doubled their wages and gave them the opportunity to buy the same cars they made.

He standardized the parts of the Model-T and making them interchangeable. It was easy to operate, maintain and could handle rough roads. It became a huge success. By 1922 half the cars in America were Model T cars and the cost of the vehicle was as low as $269. (“The Innovator and Ford Motor Company“, Para 3)


Ford first got famous for winning a race against, who at the time was the record holding fastest racer in an attempt to get his model of the automobile to get approved. In the early years of the company, jobs were sought after.In his later years, his anti-Semitic views and his refusal to allow a union in Ford motors made him hated among the public.

Ford made schools in many areas of America that provided educational experiences based on traditional single room school teaching styles, modern teaching methods, and learning through doing (“ Did you Know” ).

Challenges & Struggles he faced

Henry has faced many problems while he was in the making of cars, even though the Model T was the most popular car in America, it did not stay popular forever. Other companies like Chevrolet , manufacture new model cars , that were more luxurious , expensive looking and roomy. Henry was reluctant to manufacture new model cars even though his associates , including his son, recommended that they should manufacture new model cars to stay in market. Eventually he realized this and gave in to the pressure of developing new models.

The Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers (ALAM) didn’t allow him to sell cars, as they had complete control over the patent (“Challenges Henry Ford Faced” ). He later was sued by his stockholders for putting money into his company, Ford lost the case and had to buy them out of the company.

Many of his actions against labor unions and public anti-Semite has made him hated by the public in his day. Henry Ford wanted workers committed to his company, guaranteed equal pay for all his workers, and valued loyalty. This, however contrasted with his view on unions, where he was rabidly against them, being the last motor company to unionize. This anti-union mind set could have been influenced by, not just profit but his struggle with ALAM.

His impact today

Ford reshaped the american road and economy, profoundly affecting the world. By making automobiles for the public he changed the ideology of the a nation. For the first time you could afford to travel for leisure, instilling the belief of personal freedom.

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