All about "Flade"

Learn all about this new life supporting planet!-Julianna G.

Star Type, Orbit Distance, and Planet Mass

After many tries, I finally found a star, and a distance that would support life. I chose to have a Blue Main Seq, I also tried a lot of times to make the right distance and finally I went really far and got 69 AU. For the planet mass, I decided to try the same mass as earth, and it didn't say that it had to be heavier, or lighter so that was what I used.

Volcanoes, and Plate Movement.

I said yes to these because in order to have life you need to have carbon dioxide, and volcanoes and plate tectonics help release them so that producers can take in the carbon dioxide and let out oxygen.

Liquid Water and Producers

I said yes to both of these because in order for human life to be supported you need liquid water and producers. Producers exhale oxygen so humans can live there. Humans need to drink water in order to survive.


I decided to have one moon because with more then one moon, the gravitational pull might be too strong. I named my moon "Swion." The effect on Flade will be the same as earth's moon.

Axial tilt

The axial tilt of Flade will be the same as earth's.


The mass of Flade will be the same as earth's and its gravitational pull will make it rotate a perfect distance away from the sun.