Sputnik First Satellite to Space

By: Thomas Brown


There are over twenty five thousand satellites belonging to various nations that are now circling the earth. All of this was started by one man named Sergie Korolev from the soviet union. Sergei Korolev was born in Zootomist, Russia on December 30, 1906. HIs mother and father moved to Odessa which is a port on the Black Sea. His father was an engineer and a mechanic. In 1924, he graduated from the Odessa building space school. In 1924 he was admitted to the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Two years later he transferred to Moscow's Bauman High Technical school. It was the best engineering school in Russia. A Couple of years later he became the renowned aircraft designer. Sergei earned a degree in aeronautical engineering in 1930. In 1937, Korolev and Fredrik Stander found the Moscow Rocketry Organization G.R.I.D (Gruppa Isuchenyiya Reaktinovo Dvisheniya). The soviet military seeing potential of rockets soon Korvolev and most of G.R.I.D. HE made the first rocket propelled aircraft. He spent months in the Trans-Siberian railway in a prison vessel at Magadam. He was imprison twice during Joseph Stalin's rule. He was the moving point for the Soviet union in the Space race. The United States called him the "Chief Designer", and he was the person that designed the A-1 and the Sputnik. His name wasn't public intill his death on January 14, 1966. He died from damage to his immune system from all his experiments. He was buried with states honors in the Wall of the Kremlin. He was given the Hero of Labor award in 1965 and 1961, and also, got the Lenin Award in 1917.


Sputnik was made by Sergei Korolev and it weighed 184.3lbs, and it was the size of a beach ball. It also had four spikes coming out from the bottom of the sphere. The sputnik was made from steel plates that was bent to make a ball shape. The instruments in the satellite were designed to study the density, temperature, and the concentration of the upper atmosphere. The satellite orbited earth for thee months it made 4,000 trips around the earth. Sputnik orbited the earth once every 96 minutes. It past the United States before the U.S government knew about it. The altitude of the satellite was around 140 to 560 miles above the earth.
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1957 - First Satellite in Space (Sputnik)