By: Ali Nopper

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is trying until you reach your goal despite adversities given. Nick Vujicic, Nadja Salerno, the Smallest Dragonboy, Fern's Family, and the Carl Hayden robotics team have all shown a great deal of perseverance to have triumph in their lives. The purpose of this newsletter is to spotlight these acts of perseverance and how courage and determination took place in their journey.

Nick Vujicic - Description

Nick Vujicic faced an adversity when he was born with a rare disorder that did not give him arms and legs. This was a big adversity because it affected his mental and social skills. In school, he was bullied because of his “chicken drumstick” or distorted foot and his unnatural shape. Another adversity was that he had a hard time walking because he had no legs or arms. Everyone said he could never walk but somehow, Nick found a way to stand up and using his head and self confidence. This was a huge example of triumph that took perseverance to achieve.

Compare and Contrast - Nadja and The Smallest Dragon Boy

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See You At Harry's - Cause and Effect

In See You At Harry’s Fern’s family was overwhelmed by the adversity when Charlie died. Because of this, the whole family was affected and fell into depression and sadness. To the family, Charlie was a happy and cute toddler that was their “baby”. As a result of his death, his family felt as they had lost their “baby” of the family. This turned their whole lives upside down and cause the family to falter. Later on, the family learned to adhere to each other to get through this loss.

Sequence- Spare Parts

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Caine’s Arcade

Caine faced many adversities that ultimately made him become ambitious. A struggle is that he made his arcade in a car shop that did not attract many customers. When he didn’t get many customers, he became persistent in reaching a goal of one customer. Caine made his games more advanced and did advertising on the sidewalk for his business. A difficulty he also faced was that most people didn’t take him seriously as a kid, so he made t-shirts to show that he was a professional at his passion.