Walker's Weekly

The classroom happenings in Room 105!

A note from Miss Walker

Only three weeks until the first round of ISTEP! We will continue our regular classroom learning as well as adding in some additional ISTEP prep activities to make sure we are fully prepared by February 29th! Mid-term progress reports will be coming home today for any student with a D or an F. We have also created a new Classroom Behavior Agreement, which you can read about below. Let's have a great week in Room 105!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Important Dates This Week:

Wednesday, February 10 - Talula Asher's birthday

Thursday, February 11th - Holes Ch. 13-27 test

Friday, February 12 - "tract" root Quiz

- M.L. week #10 Test

- Valentine's Day party

- Book Orders DUE

In class this week:


- "tract" root/base (attract, extract, abstract, contract, distract)


- Ch. 13-27 w/ vocab. (engraved, paranoid, evict, callused, refuge, concoctions)

Focus skill: Conflict

Focus standard: Point of View


- Mountain Language #10


- Constructed Response (Yes Ma'am format) questions - based on Holes


Mid-terms will be coming home today for any student with a D or an F in my classes. I will be emailing progress reports to all parents as well. If you receive a paper copy of the progress report, please sign the copy and return it to school so I know you are aware of the situation. Please let me know if you have any questions!

NEW Classroom Behavior Plan

Recently, we have had a rise in classroom conflicts and disrespect to others. To help eliminate these issues, we had a meeting last week to determine some new classroom rules we will follow as well as determining a list of consequences and rewards for the class. Below is a picture of our new Classroom Agreement. I am very proud of the students for coming up with these ideas and creating this new plan! Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this new plan!
Big image

Valentine's Day Party

This Friday, February 12th, will be our annual Valentine's Day party! I already have donations of drinks, mini cupcakes, and chips. Please let me know if you are able to provide something else for our party! Also, if your child would like to do class valentines, please make sure they have a card for each child in the class.

We got a new student last week, so if you have already started your valentines, please add one more for Damonte Henderson!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Classroom Citizen of the Week

Congratulations to our Citizen of the Week for last week, Thomas Cooper! Thomas continues to be recognized by his classmates for being respectful and helpful to others in the classroom. Keep up the great work, Thomas! :)

Contact Information

Please follow our class happenings on Twitter and feel free to contact me via email or phone with any concerns.