Across the Divide: Writing Forum

Bridging the Gap Between High School and First-Year Comp

NJ's Top High Schools + Top Universities

Ranked as some of the top high schools in NJ and the country, the Monmouth County Vocational School District academies send many students to top post-secondary institutions. In the interest of creating a shared dialogue between high school and college writing teachers, MCVSD invites college-level writing teachers to a roundtable discussion held in person and via Google Hangout. This meeting between teachers of high school–level writing courses, teachers of college-level writing courses, high school students, and current college students will encourage for an exchange of ideas which will help us work together to make the transition to the rigorous level of college writing seamless for students.

High School and College- A Writing Roundtable

Monday, July 8th 2013 at 1:30-3:30pm

5000 Kozloski Road

Freehold, NJ

Located in western Monmouth County, approximately 30 minutes from the Jersey Shore and 30 minutes from Princeton.

We will also run a virtual meeting, via Google Hangout, and would love for you to attend that way!

RSVP by July 1st

Please RSVP here.

Attendance can be in person or virtual (via Google Hangout)

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Sarah Gross


High Technology High School

Michelle Lampinen


Biotechnology High School