The Wonderful West

By: Adrianna

Golden Gate Bridge

Did you know the Golden Gate Bridge is in California? The bridge is a very shiny red color. But it faded a little bit now. Did you know that the Golden Gate Bridge started to get built around 1993 and started to end around 1997? So it took about 4 years to build, that is amazing! I thought it would take longer. It had the longest span but not anymore, now there are probably a lot more buildings with a lot more spans. The span is the little dots on the bridge that holds it on sort of like nails, the Golden Gate Bridge used to have the most spans on it ( the rails) When the Golden Gate Bridge was getting built a lot of people had worked on the job of the Golden Gate Bridge and it was a very dangerous job. People could almost die from working on it, in fact …. guess what? 11 people did, I felt bad it was a very dangerous job. Sometimes they had to call days off because it was to windy. Usually jobs do not cancel like that. Did you know that the Golden Gate Bridge was named after the straight (it is a waterway) that leads into San Francisco Bay I never knew that, that was really surprising to me! A lot of tourist like to go there because the Golden Gate Bridge is in a lot of movies and people will like to see it in movies so they will visit it and it is also a very famous landmark. I think that the Golden Gate Bridge is very cool!!

Rocky Mountains

Did you know that the Rocky Mountains has a national park in it? I did not. The National Park has been peoples’ homes for a long long time and by a long time I mean thousands of years that was really surprising to me. The Rocky Mountains is 100 years old! I thought that that was amazing. A lot of weird things were there like, did you know that there was a one hundred year old flood? Omg I thought that was really really surprising. They have a really rainy climate. It is very rainy did you know that it had rained 13 inches of rain? That really surprised me, usually it rains like at the most 1 inch of rain here. The Rocky Mountains is in Colorado I did not know it was there. It is really rapid over there that means it is really fast . The Rocky Mountains is very cool, I like this topic so much you should go there!!


The West has a very weird climate, it has all types of weather. Because Alaska is really cold I think I would freeze. And then if you take a look at Hawaii I think I would burn. It is very hot and it is also very hot in California. Colorado can get rainy. So the weather there is like all opposite it is very weird. Usually one region stays the same every season but the West is all different. So if you go to Hawaii pack your sun block and if you go to Alaska pack your snow pants!


In Hawaii they love love love coconuts. It is probably their most favorite food. That is there nonrenewable resource. A Coconut is a tropical fruit it is most likely found in Hawaii because it a lot there. The Coconuts grow on a tree I am not sure what type of tree though. If you want to have a Coconut go to Hawaii and i am sure there will be on right when you get there actually probably not maybe 100

The West States and Capitals

Montana Helena

Wyoming Cheyenne

Colorado Denver

Idaho Boise

Utah Salt Lake City

Nevada Carson City

Washington Olympia

Oregon Salem

California Sacramento

Alaska Juneau

Hawaii Honolulu


The most interesting things I learned out of the 4 things was that the West climate is so weird because it is cold and hot in the same region!! 1 other cool thing I learned was that The Rocky Mountains is more than 100 years old I thought that was a lot. This was a very cool region!!