Want to be a Kitchen Manager?

By: Hannah Kennedy

What does a kitchen manager do?

Kitchen managers are responsible for the overall operations for the back of the house and kitchen area of the restaurant. They overlook everything to make sure they meet the customers needs and uphold their restaurants reputation.

Related career oppertunities and career options

Careers that are very much similar to the kitchen manager would be restaurant, hospitality, and cafeteria managers. If you do stick to being a kitchen manager there are a ton of career options such as the different places and restaurants that you can work at.

Pros and Cons


  • Paid more
  • More experience
  • More responsibility
  • Put on a higher level of "food chain"


  • More work
  • More Pressure
  • More tough decisions

How to get started!

Most people in the restaurant industry don't get the job they want immediately, they have to work up too it. So the best way to get started would be too surround yourself with the right people that can help you and start working jobs that would look good to employers and help you get ready for a career such as a kitchen manager.

Mitchells and Butlers Day in the Life of a Kitchen Manager