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What type of exterior wood for a Staircase can be painted?

You can use different materials for staircase; wood is one of the most traditional materials. If you have plans for a fence or railing outdoor deck, you can paint on most types of Contemporary Staircases by TheStairCompanyUK, including wood that would not be suitable for outdoor use.

• Pine

The pine is a relatively soft wood and cheap. This makes it a popular choice for exterior painted staircases. Its natural grain is prominent, so the paint does not cover any special natural beauty. Some pressure treated pine, making it resistant to moisture of fluctuating temperatures. This wood can be painted although the smoothness releases chemicals that are dangerous to inhale, but paint making it better to work outdoors.

• Cedar

Cedar is a harder material, more beautiful and more expensive than pine for painted wooden handrail. As the cherry and redwood, cedar is a hardwood with tight grain natural pattern. This can maintain grain pattern using dye instead of oil-based paint. Cedar is also resistant to putrefaction, making it an excellent choice for exterior railings, regardless of whether the wood is painted or dyed.

• Oak

Oak is a common wood for furniture and interior trim, but can also provide the basis for a lane painted outdoors. The oak is similar to ash as it has hard spots, soft dense areas absorbing dye. Sealing the staircase before painting also adds another layer of protection of style and putrefaction. Each layer, from primer to paint to seal, must be thin to prevent blistering and peeling.

• Alternatives

Not all exterior staircases should be wood. Wood fibers and strips of plywood can produce staircases that blend with natural wood if both materials have the same kind of paint applied. This provides an option for homeowners with budget constraints or weight limits for your outdoor projects.

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