Decisions! Decisions! Decide!

By: Sophia Rosing

4H economical decision making model

Have you ever made a decision where you had no idea what to do? Well I sure have tons of times! One time, I had to decide to either get a pair of Toms or a new dress. To figure out what to choose in this decision, I use the 4H economical decision making model.

First Step

The first step was to estimate resources available. Get ideas about the products you are interested in. Find out if it is really worth the money. Some resources I used are my brain, friends, store clerk, research, and the price.

Second Step

The second step was to consider the alternatives. What product am I going to get? Well I could either buy the Toms that are $65 and stretch the more you wear them, so I know they would be useful for a few years. Or the dress, which is $70 and could be worn to many events or just for a casual day.

Third Step

Next, I looked at the information I gathered about the two products to decide which one I was more interested in and wanted to buy. For the Toms, I could have for a few years and wear with almost anything and have a little money left to save for next time. Or get the dress that I could wear to events or on a casual day because it is a nice summer dress.

Fourth Step

Now, it was time for me to decide. I chose to get the Toms because I could wear them with many outfits, events, they could stretch out so I would have them longer, and they were cheaper.

Fifth Step

Now it’s time for the last step in the 4H economical decision making model. It is time to evaluate my decision. I am happy with my decision because I feel like it was the better choice for me and had better outcomes then what the dress had.