Going Solar

The solution to a brighter future.

What Is The Problem?

As the energy needs of the world continue to increase, searches for replacement of fossil fuels has begun. With fossil fuels reaching their limit changes in the way that civilization uses energy must change or new methods must be used to fix the problem. A method that is being tried is solar energy.

Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun is a documentary that is mostly set in Germany, which has mostly switched to solar energy. They use Germany as an example for how a government can change the public's idea of renewable energy. They also go to areas, such as Spain, India, and North Africa, to show new developments and ideas, such as floating solar panels, or an international energy grid that gives clean solar energy to Europe and clean drinking water to North Africa.


Solar energy works by converting light energy into electricity. As sun hits the solar panels electricity is created through the use of photovoltaic cells that convert the sunlight into direct current. Throught inverters, direct current is changed into alternating current that then enters the grid powering the needs of people. Solar panels allow the conversion of light into electricity.


The expansion of solar energy and what is predicted to happen if the U.S continues using solar energy. In the year 2030 the U.S is predicting to remove 280 million metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere. “Achieving this goal would produce immediate and long-lasting benefits” Converting to solar energy will help improve our environment. There are many campaigns and projects to raise awareness about using solar energy because it benefits our environment.


Texas has put out a new Senate Bill 1626, and shows how if the government wants things to switch to cleaner energies, they must try to increase the availability of the technology, and they should have incentives to get more people to invest in solar power. It also shows the benefits for homeowners, and the government to switch to more renewable energies.

Proposed Solution

The solution for the energy crisis is the use of solar energy. The technology used, potential, and legislation aid the success of solar energy increasing the likelihood of solar become a main energy provider. Solar panels can be placed anywhere allowing constant success with access to the sun. In times of energy need at night or inclement weather, excess energy gathered is stored in batteries supplying the energy needs at such times. In combination with other renewable energy sources, the provisions of energy will be a problem of the past.


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