Powers of Congress

By: Jacob, Paul & Tim

What are implied powers of congress?

The congress is able to make laws that are necessary for carrying into execution the foregoing powers.

What are expressed powers of congress?

Congress has many powers, they can; tax, borrow money, regulate commerce with forigen nations, provides punisments for counterfitting, maintains the Navy, supports Armies, make post offices and roads, makes rules for the government, regulates the land and Naval forces, etc.

What is the elastic clause and its role?

The government can stretch their power to do things they think needs to be dealt with. Its role is to let congress do what they need to do even though its a little bit past their power.

How does congress check and balance the Judicial and Executive branches of government?

Congress approves presidential nominations, the senate confirms the president's nominations. Congress has the power to impeach judges and presidents, and remove them from office. Congress also has the power to pass laws over the presidents veto. Congress must approve presidential nominations of judges. Congress also controls the budget and gives the O.K. on spending and treaties.
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