Extinct Animals

Oscar Pena

Info of extinct animals

There are a lot of animals that got extinct in many ways.Here are some extinct animals

Dodo birds lived in a island but when humans arrived they brought pigs and dogs. The dodo birds population decreased and got extinct by the early 1598 .Wooly mammoths got extinct similar to the dodo birds.Some believe that a climate change was to blame because of the temperature and the mammoths died because they couldn't survive in the climate.Other scientists say that mammoths got extinct by the humans.Humans hunted a lot of mammoths and they used there fur and tusks for themselves.Since they killed the mammoths there population decreased until they got extinct.Great auk became extinct in the mid-19th century mostly because of sailors that were on their long fishing trip which was to the North Atlantic.The sailors hunted the Auks for their meat and they were easy prey because they couldn't fly.The auks were also hunted for their feathers which was used for the cloth industry.

Dinosaurs are also extinct just like other animals.There are a lot of theorise about how they got extinct some say that their was asteroid that blew up their land and affected their food supplies and kill all of the animals.That was about 65 million years ago.A other theory is that there was climate change or a diseases were spread.

The extinction of animals does affect us humans and the life cycle by when they get extinct humans might need some animals for their food or for there fur and to save the life cycle.Example:if there is not any mammoths the animals that hunt the mammoths will die out and get extinct which harms other animals and even humans.So the extinction was not good it was bad to the humans and other animals.