Joseph Stalin

Muderous Dictator of Soviet Union

Born in 1879, Joseph Stalin was the supreme ruler of the Soviet Union for a quarter of a century. He came into control in 1924 after V. I. Lenin died. Stalin focused on creating a model communist state. His main economic goals were growth in agriculture and industrialism. He moved the Soviet Union from a backward country into a supreme world power at an unimaginable human cost. He eliminated any seemingly weak or power threatening people. Stalin did not even spare his most faithful supporters. It is estimated that Stalin was responsible for the deaths of 8 million to 13 million people, on top of that famine and poverty killed around 6 million. Stalin had created a dictatorship that turned the country into a totalitarian government.

Stalin's Background

Joseph Stalin was born into poverty in what is now present day Georgia. Back then it was part of a Russian Empire. As a child, he was plagued with numerous health issues. He did exceptional in school and gained a scholarship to Tiflis Theological Seminary. Stalin excelled in the mundane operations of the revolution, calling meetings, publishing leaflets and organizing strikes and demonstrations which helped him gain power over the Soviet Union.