ACT 2-Scene1

Romeo falls madly in love with Juliet at her fathers party. After the party , Romeo ditches his friends so that he could go see Juliet.They start searching for him but come to the conclusion that he doesn't want to be found and is love hurt because of Rosalean. What they don't know is that Romeo is acualy in love with juliet now.

ACT 2-Scene2

Romeos love for Juliet is very strong. Therefore he sneak into her yard and listens to her as she speaks to herself on the balcony. She talks about how she loves Romeo and etc. Romeo finally revealed himself , talking to her lovely. He finally convinces her to marry him.

ACT 2-Scene3

Romeo tells friar Laurence that he loves Juliet. Friar was surprised that Romeo moved on so quickly.He decided to marry them because he thought that it would solve the dispute between thebtwo families.

ACT 2-Scene 4

Romeo is threatened by tybalt. Benvolio thinks that romeo will loose.The nurse is sent by juliet to romeo,asking if they are to marry.


The nurse has returned with good news for juliet. Her and romeo are to get married today. Juliet lies to her parents that she is going for confession at friar lawrences cell , but is really not.


Romeo waits inpatiently for juliet to arrive at friars cell so that they could get married. She finnally shows up ready to marry. Finnaly the friar lawerence shows up and married the couple.