University of Nebraska-Lincoln

By: Makenzi Brown

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University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a great school to go to, it has a lot of activities and majors. It also has great sport programs, and other activities you would like to join. For more information about University of Nebraska-Lincoln go to their website listed above.
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Business Administration

Business administration is for students who wish to obtain a broad education other then specializing in an specific area within the college. The career I want to go into is real estate. Real estate is where you sell land, or other properties to buyers.

Key classes

Some classes I could take to get me ready for this career are FFA. FFA gets you used to selling stuff, and talking to people. Another class I could take in High School is speech, speech gets you ready to talk to people and communicating with them.


Some activities I would like to be in in high school to get me ready for real estate is One Acts, Intro to Business, and student council.
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Destination Lincoln: University of Nebraska-Lincoln