The Perserverance Times

Diya Kalra

What is perseverance?

Perseverance isn't something easily defined. It means so many things and is a broad topic. But really perseverance is all about never giving up. Because giving up means losing everything and not going on. So if times get tough, baby steps still get you to the finish line. Just don't give it up and that is true perseverance.

Hardships and Success


Leroy and Dartanian are both very alike in many ways. Both of them have a disability and come from broken homes and unfortunate backgrounds, and both are bonded together by friendship. They also are physically disabled and they are wrestlers on their high school team. On the the other hand Leroy is studying video games at Collins College while Dartanian is a paralympian in judo. Dartanian is legally blind while Leroy had both legs ran over by a train and is a double amputee. They both have overcome many adversities to succeed and they share friendship together. Even though they share friendship to get through things, they both have to still face and conquer adversities.

Picture: Both of them were close bonded during high school and especially in wrestling.

Everything Happens For A Reason


The reason for why Jackie Robinson met Branch Rickey and became part of “The Noble Experiment” is because Rickey wanted to end the segregation that blacks faced in that time. If there hadn’t been segregation, Robinson wouldn’t have faced so many horrible people and wouldn’t have had to work as hard to get to the top in his career. How this plan started was when Branch Rickey was once was with a black man who was treated terribly at a hotel because of segregation, and he saw this man cry and saw take the horrible mistreatment. This caused Rickey to create the Noble Experiment and use his high position in baseball to end all the racism he was seeing. Many of the players and fans treated Robinson with cruelty. The verbally and physically created adversities. But Branch and Jackie kept persevering, even when things got hard. The effect of all their hard work was they made a huge difference in this cause. This was before Martin Luther King Jr. and most of all the other activists, so things were especially hard. But because of these outcomes it’s important that we always stand up for what we believe in and show resilience despite hardships because we can do anything.

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Picture: Robinson and Rickey always had a good friendship.

Getting to The Top


Eleanor Roosevelt’s life before politics was filled with many adversities, especially at a young age. First, she was the unwanted child and was made of for being plain looking and “homely”. Her parents had wanted a boy and didn’t love her as much as they loved her brothers. Next, one of the few things that made her happy was her father who would love and play with her. But he was an alcoholic and went to a sanitarium to seek help. Also her mother, who teased her constantly about her looks died. Her brother got diphtheria and also died. Within eighteen months her father also died. Then, she was sent to her grandmother's house with her brother where it was lonely, gloomy, and she had to do many terrible things such as take a cold bath everyday and learn to stand up straight. But then her Uncle, Theodore Roosevelt came to visit and made life better. She then at age fifteen was sent to a boarding school called Allenswood. There she started looking after her health, playing field hockey, and winning respect of teammates. After Allenswood, she started attending dances and parties and she even fell in love. Finally, she married her fifth cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Eleanor faced many adversities as her life later progressed into politics, but she defeated obstacles and became an eloquent woman in history.

Picture: Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the most important woman in history, and had to overcome a lot of adversity.

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Creativity and Passion

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Prep Talking Motivation

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Learning From Perserverance of Others

Whenever you hear about the perseverance of others, you can always learn from it. You can see that they were never idle and learn that we don't have all the problems in the world. You may not think you can win a swimming race, but you can see that some did it with no legs or one arm. Obviously you have adversities, just not all the problems in the world. You can learn from the way people carried themselves with strength and confidence, and learn to do this yourself. Most of all, you can see that bad times get better and even small steps get you to the finish line. The way successful people kept their head up, faced adversities, and never gave up will show you the way you can also succeed and deal with adversity.