Alka-Seltzer Lab

Peyton Eppard, Zara Chavoshi, Noah Lenkin, Karan Naiknavare

Our Special Effect

Our special effect is the colors changing throughout the lab. There were colors like green, purple,and blue. We were able to get it to change colors through ingredients in our lab like Alka- Seltzer, vinegar, universal indicator solution, and sodium hydroxide.

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Chemistry Connections

Some chemistry connections we had during our lab were when we put the Alka Seltzer tablet into the solution. It changed colors so the solution had a physical reaction when it was dropped into the solution.

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Safety Precautions

One safety precaution we took during our lab was we wore goggles to protect our eyes. Another safety precaution we took was we wore plastic gloves to protect our hands from chemicals.

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