Crowdsource with Confidence

J3M is an open video standard that uses smartphone sensors to tag footage with context and evidence of its authenticity. WITNESS and The Guardian Project received a 2013 Knight News Challenge award to develop the J3M standard and bring context and reliability to mobile video.

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J3M-enhanced videos tell you:

  • Who (every device has a unique signature)
  • What (no frame of the video can be altered without changing its fingerprint)
  • Where (data from GPS and cell tower sensors)
  • When (you're notified as soon as the video is shot)
  • How (what device)
  • Why (that's where you come in!)

Noise Becomes Context

  • Use J3M data to turn a deluge of videos into a story, map or visualization
  • Create dynamic content that changes depending on when and where your audience is
  • Easily discover and cross-reference footage of a news event, in real time or years later

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Our Team

  • WITNESS has been using video to open the eyes of the world to human rights abuses through video for over 20 years
  • Sam Gregory, Program Director - quick bio
  • The Guardian Project is a network of software developers creating open-source secure apps for mobile users
  • Nathan Freitas, Founder - quick bio

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