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Better Sleep Supplements

Looking for a way to improve your sleep quality and habits? Healthycell specializes in providing premier quality better sleep supplements that will truly make a difference!

Did you know…
1.Sleep is essential for every human being on the planet
2.When you sleep your brain has the chance to:
4.Repair cells
5.Release hormones into your body
6.Your age corresponds to the amount of hours you should sleep
7.1 in 4 married couples have to sleep in different beds due to their partner’s poor sleep habits
8.20-40% of Americans suffer from insomnia every year
9.Over 70% of Americans have sleep disorders
10.Of that percentage, 60% experience chronic wakefulness
So, what can you do to make sure that you get the rest you need? Healthycell’s better sleep supplements are a great way to ensure that you do everything you can to get a good night’s rest.

Other sleep disorders that are more common than you think…
1.Sleep apnea affects over 18 million Americans
2.10 million of those are undiagnosed cases
3.Sleep apnea is more common in men than women
4.Narcolepsy affects 200,000 Americans
5.Yet less than 50,000 are actually properly diagnosed
6.Restless Leg Syndrome affects 10% of Americans
7.It begins at an early age and can get worse over time
8.It can also worsen with pregnancy or other hormonal changes

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