Professional Learning Networks

Hope McClure

Lifelong Learning

As a teacher, it is my goal to instill the importance of lifelong learning into each of my students. To do this successfully, I must lead by example! Utilizing some of the many Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) that are available is a great way to keep on learning, whether in my classroom content area, the teaching field or even in subjects/areas of my own personal interest.

"Promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all."

  • Largest organization of science teachers worldwide
  • Connects teachers with each other, administrators, businesses, industry representatives and any other individuals or businesses that are committed to science education
  • Publishes professional journal for each teaching level
  • Publishes newspapers, books and reports on recent practices and findings in educational research
  • Annual national/regional conferences
  • Advocates for science educators
  • Email list server
  • Online discussions/panels
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts, webinars, courses and tutorials

NSTA and Me

  • Face to face interactions with other science teachers in my school and county are limited, so NSTA allows me to connect with teachers in my content area (both groups and individuals) to share resources and ideas. It also allows me to participate in professional development and online discussions relating to my teaching.

"Collaborate, Share and Discuss"

  • Free, safe social network designed specifically for educators
  • Allows connections with educators around the world
  • Easy interaction (similar to Facebook)
  • Post comments, questions and links
  • Share resources/digital content
  • Online discussions and professional development opportunities

Edmodo Social Studies Community and Me

  • Because new to the Social Studies content area, I often have last minute questions or need a good place to find creative lesson ideas. Beacause it is so easy to use, I can quickly post my questions or needs and get replies almost immediately. Other teachers within the group are quick to offer advice, resources and support, which is a great comfort as I wade through a pretty unfamiliar curriculum. This is especially helpful because I am the only middle-grades SS teacher in my school.

Short-Term Goals

  • Participate in an online discussion (Edmodo)
  • Utilize research based practice in my classroom (NSTA)
  • Upload digital content and create personal library (Edmodo)
  • Attend conference (NSTA)

Long-Term Goals

  • Offer PD for other teachers in my district (both)
  • Submit my own lessons, ideas, research(both)
  • Present at a conference (NSTA)
  • Edmodo- create a smaller group/community for a more continuous, individual connection with other teachers in my content area (Edmodo)