Knodel's Keynote

What's up in our classroom

Week of February 8th

Reading and Writing

Reading--We are doing all kinds of reading: buddy/self, fiction/informational text, book/magazine. This week we'll begin looking at a genre that we are faced with every year: test passages/test taking. We won't spend time on drill and kill type of activities. Instead we will be having discussions about things we notice in stories and questions.

Writing--We are all in different places in the writing process for our persuasive letters to support the Save Brushy Creek Trail campaign. We'll be sending our letters out soon. I also encourage you to visit the website and write a letter of your own.


Reading/Writing Packet-- This week's packet has three related articles about video games. The work includes reading and reflecting in writing, answering multiple choice questions, and writing an opinion/persuasive piece. This isn't the assignment to wait until Sunday night to complete! Here is a link to the packet.

Spelling--This week our word study is on adding suffixes -dom, -ship, -ment, and -hood.

Valentine's Day Party

Don't forget that our class parties are this Friday. Bring your box and valentines on Friday!

Yearbook Shoutouts

Yearbook Shoutout orders need to be placed by this Friday!

Click here to print an order form.

Henry Middle School Visit

Leander ISD likes to ensure that students have a smooth transition from elementary school to middle school. Cox students are zoned for Henry Middle School.

On 3/4/16, all Cox 5th graders will visit Henry Middle School. The students will tour the school, see various Fine Arts performances, learn about middle school classes, fill out choice sheets for electives and eat lunch. Students can bring their lunch or purchase lunch at Henry Middle School using their student IDs.

The choice sheet must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the student's 5th grade teacher the following Monday. Students will be chaperoned and bus transportation will be provided.

Please click on the below link to sign a parental acknowledgement form to allow your student to ride the bus to HMS on 3/4/16 for middle school visits.