The Protestant Reformation

~English Stephenson~

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The Protestant Reformation was a period of time (1577-1685) where things such as religion, technoloy, and daily life were changed. The new and improved ways of life that were discovered then, still impact us today in ways you probably would not even think of.

Protestant VS Catholic

Protestants began with a man named Jan Hus. He believed that you could directly pray towards God instead of through the Catholic Church. When he decided to share this idea with the public most Catholics rejected the idea, and for heresy (A.K.A going against the Catholic Church) he was burned at the stake. Some time after Jan Hus's death a man named Martin Luther came in to the world. When he was a grown man he decided he was going to be "Hussite." He believed what Hus said was true and decided to fight for what he believed in. One morning he woke up and, already prepared, marched up to the Catholic Church's door and nailed 95 theses on it. The 95 theses were a list of problems Martin Luther had with the Church. The other problem Martin Luther had with the church was that the Pope was selling indulgences. Indulgences were a pass to purgatory(state between heaven and hell) and if your family prayed enough for you, you would eventually go to heaven. Martin Luther thought that the idea of people paying the pope for purgatory was ridiculous. Soon Martin Luther created his own religion called Lutheran.

King Henry The Eighth & Queen Elizabeth The First

Henry The Eighth was a king who created the the religion, Anglican. He broke away from the Catholic church because he wanted to divorce his wife. He would divorced or behead his current wife and would remarry over, and over, and over again (total of 6 times). One of his wives had a baby girl named Elizabeth. When Elizabeth was 2 Henry beheaded Elizabeth's mother. When Elizabeth became Queen she was protestant. Queen Elizabeth the First, was the first protestant queen. She impacted the reformation by persuading people to switch to protestant because she was the Queen. Henry impacted the reformation by creating the anglican religion.