New reports on plane 370.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

What we know about Flight 370.

On Saturday and Sunday Australian Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston found new promising leads to the whereabouts of Flight 370. A sonar ping. The signal was detected for two hours and 20 minutes late Saturday, then for 13 minutes early Sunday, Australian time. No further findings were reported as of Monday night. Now speculators and authorities are say that this might not of been an accident. Two passengers boarded the plane using stolen passports. Authorities have identified them as Pouri Nourmohammadi, 18, and Delavar Seyed Mohammad Reza, 29, both Iranians. Malaysian police believe Nourmohammadi was trying to emigrate to Germany using the stolen Austrian passport. The men entered Malaysia on February 28 using valid Iranian passports, according to Interpol. The pilots might also to be blamed in the whole ordeal as "All right, good night." was the final words from the cockpit. Why would some say that if something devious wasn't going on. Now I could go on for hours typing, but I think a video will suit you better. So here's the link to it. There are also pictures at the bottom of this flyer if you could take a look at those real quick.