A typical Practice

by Mason Cothron

The start of the Day.

Some days practice is long. Some days practice is hot. Some days....
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The Drive.

You need to have some form of drive in order to be apart of band. Whether that is pushing yourself, or dying.


Warming up can be very hard on your hands and your mental strength.
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Moving to sectionals.

This is the time where we learn our music and get it better!
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Water Break!

The best part of the day.
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Transiting to Full Ensemble.

Going to practice with the full band!
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Another Water Break!!

Again, our favorite part.
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Full Run!

Running the full show!
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Finishing up the Night

We are done for the night just to do it all again tomorrow!
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Making friends.

Band has gotten me all of the friends I know today. It has showed me so many social skills.
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