Hydroelectric Energy

By: Isabel Moody

How it's used

Hydroelectric energy is formed by moving water. Hydroelectric energy is used to produce energy by having the water run through a turbine which makes it spin and it produces the power.


The advantages of using hydroelectric are....

1. It is a renewable resource.

2. Promotes guaranteed energy!

3. Increases sustainability

4. Fueled by water


The disadvantages of using hydroelectric are....

1. Release a large amount of carbon and methane

2. Not used on a very large scale around the world

3. Disturb habitats

4. Installation costs

Where is hydroelectric energy found most abundantly?

This may be a shock to you but, China uses the most hydroelectric energy. They have the largest hydropower plant.

Are there any harmful effects of using hydroelectric energy?

Yes there is, when water is released it could have negative impacts on downstream plants and animals.

Is hydroelectric energy renewable of nonrenewable?

Hydroelectric energy is renewable which means it can be reused.