The Amendments

By: Jonathan Chase

Amendment #2 Right to Bear Arms

The Right to Bear Arms is the second amendment and it allows American citizens to carry weapons and use them with certain limitations. With certain licenses you are able to carry a weapon without getting in trouble. They are important because they allow for self-defense and hunting rights. This Amendment has become a problem to some people though. People have protested against it because they are more than likely afraid of these weapons people are allowed to use. Due to the protesting ammunition and guns prices have been upped and some ammunition has been harder to find. Certain guns have been restricted to civilians and more work has been put into getting gun licenses.
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Amendment #13 Abolish of Slavery

Abolish of Slavery allowed African Americans to be free to certain limitations and they did not have to be slaves any longer. Abraham Lincoln was the man with the plan, without him this Amendment would not be here today. This Amendment is important because if this did not happen then we may have still had slavery here today in America.
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