Rain Forest



Rainforests would be described as a tall, dense jungle that recieves a high amount of rain each year. The climate of a rainforest is very hot and humid and is home to 50% of earth's plants and animals.


Deforestation is the state of being clear of trees. Over 100,000 acres of trees are being destroyed everyday. Rainforests once covered 14% of Earth's total surface area but now only cover less than 2% because so many people are knocking down the trees for agriculture, cattle ranches, fuelwook, and the logging industry. If this continues to occur then eventually there will be no rainforests.


My propsed solution would be to stop knocking down trees to create space for other things. There should be a law that prohibits people from knocking down trees in areas that are inhabited by rare species of plants and animals or any place that has not been explored for unknown species.

Negative Impacts.

Deforestation is one of the main factors for global climate change. Trees absorb greenhouse gases and carbon emmissions and produce oxygen. Without trees, where would these go and where would the oxygen come from? We need oxygen to survive. Deforestation also kills out a large quantity of plant and animal species.

Positive Impacts.

The positive side to deforestation would be that it would create jobs and money to people. When deforestation occurs it creates land for farmers to use and places that farmers can keep their animals; and they make money off of those things. It also creates jobs, someone has to log the area, and they get hired to do that. Money is something that everyone needs and deforestation creates oppurtunity for that in the land that gets destroyed.