The Moroccan News

By : RosaLynna Santllan

The Moroccan climate

As you should now Morocco is slightly larger than California and borders the Mediterranean Sea on the North Atlantic Ocean on the west side and up on the northern tip you can see that the tip of Morocco almost touches europe

What's up with Morocco?

Rabat attack against Moroccan security Ban ki-moon show I got isolation for policy

During a press conference at the Sahrawi Embassy in Algiers, Ould Salek said that "the attacks of the colonizer against the UN chief and the statements issued by all of the Moroccan state show the failure of the policy and confirmed Morocco's isolation." Don't you think Morocco should update there policy!

The Moroccan Ergs

The Sahara desert because it "hard to figure out " the local Moroccans say but they. Also said this "it would be better to go to Chicaga desert because you would burn up In the Sahara." Thank you Better luck next time

What's up with the king

While the king himself stays popular, there is deep dissatisfaction on the government and the people around the constitutional monarchy who are believed to be failing! Will anything get better for the king and the local Moroccans

Are you thinking what I'm thinking

Maybe we should get a new office policy and better security! Soccer game left 2 dead and 49 injured in the western Moroccan city of Casablanca. Maybe it would save slot more people, Morocco

What's up with this food

The Moroccan food is based on cereals, fruit and vegetables. It includes more rich foods of animal remains low for the country’s growing resources, in fish for example! The processed and ready-to-eat food are outside the home and are more and more common in other areas and withgrowing the sugar- and fat- foods. This is ongoing in other areas. Along with a lower amount in the Physical activities these change a rise in the percentage of the overweight amout in the population.

Hey hey Morocco

On February 4,2016 Morocco's King Mohammed VI rvealed one of the world's biggest solar plants Thursday, taking the Sahara sunshine and a growing renewable energy.

I love food

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