Tout A Mon Sujet

"All About ME" Alea Estrada

Some Of My Favortie Things Are??

My favorite food is chicken and macaroni. My favorite colors is pink and green, i like to listen to all kinds of music but my favorite artist is Yg or Ariania Grande, my favorite teacher is Mrs.Henderson and my favorite subject is science.

My future plans or goals in life after i graduate high school??

After im done with high school i want to go to school to be a dancer or cosmetology....

Un endroit que je veux visiter est?

I endroit où je veux visiter est ethier Paris ou aux Bahamas

Something really fear are???

i really fear spiders and clowns and centipedes....

All about me??

I was born January 3,1998. The people who all live with me is my mother, sister, nephew, and step dad. My favorite book is taken. I love to text people and hang with my friends and watch tv. My favorite website is Instagram or Twitter. My favorite movie is Never Back Down