Trace Evidence

Drisya John, Vik Chandra

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  • We believe it to be soil or dirt.
  • We would go to a geologist.
  • It could leave to their footprint/ shoe print or have a generic idea where it was originally found.
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Twist Tie

  • We believe it is a twist tie used for bread or other certain products
  • We would contact bakeries which se twist ties asking for assistance.
  • This could lead us to an item that the criminal purchases at a grocery store.
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Chewed Gum

  • We believe it to be gum
  • We could consult a Forensic DNA Analysts
  • It holds DNA which could lead us right to the suspect.
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  • We believe it to be crayon
  • We could ask artists what kind of crayon it is
  • it could be a kids a parent, or an art teacher
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Copper Wire

  • We believe it is copper wire
  • We would contact a handy man.
  • It could be used to tie up the victim or to pick a lock.
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Toe Nail

  • We believe it to be a toe nail
  • A DNA analysts
  • It could have some DNA in it.
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  • We believe it could be hair
  • A trichologists
  • If the hair has DNA on it, it could give us an idea on a suspect.
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Burnt Paper

  • It could be a piece of burnt paper
  • A fire specialist
  • It could tell us when and how long it was lit.
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Lit out matchstick

  • A matchstick
  • A fire specialist
  • It can tell us how long ago the suspect used the matchstick
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Plum Seed

  • We believe it to be a plum seed.
  • We can bring the evidence to a farmer or a DNA analysts.
  • It can show individual evidence and it can show what type of fruit it is.
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Blood Splatter

  • We believe it can be blood splatter.
  • We can go and ask a forensic scientist.
  • It can show class if not individual evidence related to the crime scene.
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Banana Peel

  • We classified this item as a banana peel.
  • We can go ask a farmer to see what kind of banana it can be.
  • It can tell us stores that holds the bananas that could link to our suspect or if lucky find DNA evidence that could also link us to the criminal.
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Corn Kernel

  • It could be a corn kernel.
  • We can ask the market or a farmer who sells this type of corn.
  • This could help narrow down the people who could be at the scene the day of the crime.
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  • We believe it to be a button.
  • We could ask retail stores and see if they sell apparel that has identical buttons attached to them.
  • This could lead us to the clothes the suspect might wear.