Jane Turbes

Jane Turbes: Former Mortgage Loan Specialist

Jane Turbes

Jane Turbes has recently worked for Urban Lending Solutions as a Mortgage Loan Specialist. As an employee of Urban Lending Solutions from 2012 to 2014, Jane Turbes provided invaluable support and leadership to the company’s loan officer and underwriting teams, ensuring that mortgages are always processed in a timely, accurate and judicious fashion. Jane Turbes has provided both her colleagues and her company with unparalleled support.

Jane Turbes: Work as an Underwriter

Currently working as an underwriter at Urban Lending Solutions in Highland Ranch, Colorado, Jane Turbes is a perfect fit for the job. Her 20 extensive experience in the finance industry and passion for the work make her a valuable and respected employee. As she has come to learn, the job is filled with numerous responsibilities, which she has to understand in order to perform at high standards.

Underwriting is a job that requires the holder of the position to display great knowledge of the job-specific skills. Jane Turbes is a highly motivated employee and fast learner. As a young college graduate working as a loan officer, she displayed a knack for going the extra mile. This desire to learn more enabled her to take on numerous roles in her career, all of which is a big advantage in her current position.

One of the things that make Jane Turbes appreciative of her job is dealing with clients and investors. Many are the times that investors have turned to her for financial advice, which she has gladly provided. As an underwriter, she has to understand investor guidelines in order to walk clients through the mortgage process. This often requires the ability to simplify things for clients, who have no obvious knowledge of the process. It might seem daunting, but Jane Turbes handles it with pride.

When she’s not busy at work, Jane Turbes loves to hang out with family and friends. Keeping a healthy work-life balance is important she says as it enables one to prioritize right.

Jane Turbes: Excel in the Finance Field

Over the course of nearly 20 years, Jane Turbes has gained extensive experience in the finance industry. Her first engagement was as a loan officer, which she appreciates as having introduced her to a fast and challenging field of finance. Over time, she has taken on multiple other roles, including real estate consultant, credit analysts, loan processor, and her current job as an underwriter for Urban Lending Solutions (Highland Ranch, Colorado). To have made a successful career for herself has seen Jane Turbes work diligently on improving her skills, and she shares her thoughts on this.

Key skills to possess

A finance professional has to love numbers, since a good part of the job requires working with figures. Base knowledge of areas like auditing, taxation, accounting, costing, financial modeling and preparation of financial statements has to be at your fingertips, says Jane Turbes. Depending on the sector, you can work on acquiring other skills such as credit analysis, underwriting, deal structuring, project evaluation, mergers and acquisition, among others.

Non-financial skills

In addition to financial knowledge, you require other non-financial skills to excel. While working in a large company or a small firm, you will have to interact and coordinate with other workmates and clients. Good communication skills, both written and oral, are required. So are problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which will help you make wise decisions, adds Jane Turbes.

Personal traits

You have to display confidence and professionalism. Being organized is a plus, as is the ability to be self-motivated and timely.

Jane Turbes: Tips for Purchasing Property

For many people, investing in property ranks as one of the most important financial decisions they will ever make. And it is as purchasing property is a serious investment that must be taken seriously. Whether you have the funds to purchase outright or are looking to secure mortgage financing through a lending institution, it is important to make wise decisions during this process. Having worked as a real estate consultant at one point in her career, Jane Turbes has helped many clients secure properties. She offers a few insider tips for those looking to make future property investments.

Get your financial ducks in a row

Before you make the decision to purchase, make sure you can actually afford the place. This means being realistic with the finances you have as this will enable you find a property within your means. Should you require additional financing, look into reliable mortgage providers who will help you acquire a reasonable loan for your property. On your part, make sure your credit history can stand up to intense scrutiny, advises Jane Turbes.

Beware additional costs

For the purchase process to complete, there are usually numerous costs associated. It is always good to read the small print, says Jane Turbes. Such fees include legal fees, land registry fees, bank transfer fees, among many others. These small costs are usually separate from the cost of buying property; include them in your budget, so you are not surprised once they have to be paid.

Jane Turbes: Succeeding in Life

Few people in life would reject the opportunity to succeed in life. Given the chance, most people would relish living their dreams and reaching their aspirations. However, success takes lots of hard work and dedication, and only those that are willing to go the extra mile achieve their goals.

For Jane Turbes, her goal in life was to stand out in her career. Early on in her career, she realized she would have to work twice as hard as everyone else to gain their respect. Through various roles in the finance industry, she broadened her skill set, which allowed her to take advantage of more opportunities to grow and succeed. Nearly 20 years on, Jane Turbes is an inspiration to many, and she shares her tips on what it takes to succeed.

Be passionate about your work

To achieve success, you have to enjoy the work that you perform. Regardless of your profession, passion for the work will provide a level of satisfaction like no other. In a capitalistic world, it is easy to be overtaken by a desire to accumulate money and wealth. However, material things don’t bring lasting happiness, according to Jane Turbes. Doing what you love, on the other hand, will rarely have you stressed out.


It takes a lot of dedication to reach the summit, says Jane Turbes. Dedication requires you to make sacrifices and make extra effort to reach your goals. Whether it’s putting in more time at the office or going back to school to acquire new skills, dedication is a must if you are to succeed.

For Jane Turbes, Underwriting is the Perfect Challenge to Overcome

For nearly 20 years, Jane Turbes has had extensive experience in the financial sector. She has worked for a variety of financial institutions in various capacities, and along the way, gained extensive and invaluable knowledge. Thus, when her career took her to Urban Lending Solutions in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, she welcomed the next challenge with arms wide open.

As an underwriter, Jane Turbes is responsible for a multitude of responsibilities. She has to understand investor guidelines well in order to guide clients through the mortgage application process. She is responsible for verifying client information and income, two crucial aspects that play a huge role in the overall process. Where further information is missing, it is upon her to liaise with clients to obtain it.

Underwriting is not an easy job. In addition to the job-specific skills and knowledge, one has to possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. The ability to work with minimal supervision is essential, as are great organizational skills, ability to handle heavy workloads, adapt to frequent changes, and ability to keep work-related information confidential.

Jane possesses all these, plus more. Her upbringing on a farm in Minnesota honed in her a strong work ethic, not to mention responsibility. As the youngest of eight siblings, learning to work with others was essential. So was working independently, as she was able to stand on her own through college and graduate.

Having just started working as an underwriter in July 2014, Jane Turbes looks forward to where this position takes her, and the opportunity to do what she loves.

Jane Turbes: From Farm Girl to Finance Professional

Growing up on a farm in southern Minnesota as the youngest of eight children, Jane Turbes developed a strong work ethic from an early age. Her parents passed away while she was still young, and she has had diabetes since she was ten years old. It wasn't easy, but these experiences would set the foundation of hard work and determination that Jane would require to become a financial genius she is today.

Over the course of nearly 20 years, Jane Turbes has gained extensive knowledge in the finance industry. Through her experience with various financial institutions, she has worked in credit analysis, real estate transactions and development, mortgage processing, underwriting, loan servicing, investment properties, among many others. Her work as a loan officer right out of college allowed her to taste the business environment that she would work in for the rest of her career. Her early work experiences taught her what to expect, and so far, she has put that knowledge to great use.

Jane Turbes credits her upbringing to the strong work ethic she displays every day, as well as helping her make wise business decisions. Over the years, clients have come to rely on her informed decision making when choosing investment plans or allowing Jane to run million-dollar portfolios.

To be a successful business professional, Jane Turbes has learnt the value of providing quality customer service, in addition to growing her communication and interpersonal skills. Dealing with client is not always easy, but Jane has managed to cater to each of her client's requirements, in the process becoming a valuable leader and professional both at the workplace and in the community.

Excelling in the Financial Sector: Jane Turbes

It can be hard for women to succeed in male-dominated businesses. They have to work twice as hard to earn the respect of peers and clients alike. While starting her career in finance right out of college, Jane Turbes realized this and knew she would have to expend the time and effort to succeed. The challenge of working in this male dominated industry didn't scare her. In fact, it served to motivate her, knowing that her success would only be sweeter.

Jane Turbes started her career as a loan officer for two small financial institutions based in Minnesota. She worked 70 hours a week to make ends meet, and put her intelligence and business smarts to good use in her early career years. Her effort paid off, and she soon would become senior credit analyst at Alliance Bank in St. Paul, MN. Here, her duties consisted of developing and managing client loan portfolios worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Her extensive knowledge in credit analysis and real estate ensured she took part in numerous zoning approvals, surveys, land and construction development projects.

Her decade-plus experience at Alliance Bank paved the way for even more responsibilities on the way up the corporate ladder. Over the years, Jane Turbes has worked as a real estate consultant, senior financial analyst, and currently as an underwriter for Urban Lending Solutions in Highland Ranch.

Jane doesn't see herself slowing down anytime soon and continues to be a shining example of how hard work and determination bring great rewards.

Jane Turbes: Community Manager

Community managers have responsibilities to the home owners, to the management and to various other stakeholders. As all stakeholders have different priorities and concerns, it is difficult managing conflicting issues - but it can be done. Jane Turbes, as the community manager at Hammersmith Management, Inc. in Greenwood Village, Colorado was one community manager who was able to keep all parties happy.

As the Community Manager, Jane Turbes facilitated, advised, educated and assisted the Board of Directors, their Committees, and Home Owners. Turbes was responsible for the daily management and operations of the Association's business. She was to manage day-to-day operations, administration of the community and all common area property.

With her financial background, Jane Turbes soon took over the coordination and management of all activities pertaining to finance, planning, analyzing of financial reports, and operations budgeting while also monitoring and managing safety, maintenance and community services.

Moreover, Jane Turbes helped in conducting research and managing special projects as directed by the Board of Directors. She became efficient in reporting to the Board of Directors on all issues that may affect the community.

Jane Turbes worked long days, and usually evenings, to perform site-inspections of properties. All residents knew that Jane Turbes was always available, only a phone-call away.

It is easy to see why Jane Turbes has been so successful in every professional role she takes on. Her excellent work ethic, integrity and professionalism can serve as an example to other managers.

Jane Turbes: A Diverse Set of Skills

An underwriter’s job is complex. A person must have experience in a wide variety of fields and have a diversified set of skills if they are to succeed as an underwriter. Jane Turbes works as a senior underwriter at Urban Lending Solutions in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, where she utilizes her experience from a 20 year period in the finance industry.

As underwriter, Jane Turbes is responsible for verifying documents from client and confirm customer income calculations. Underwriters have a specific method to adhere to, which includes investor guidelines to complete Verification of Income related tasks. If further information or documents are needed, the Underwriter works with client’s staff to obtain them.

Jane Turbes is experienced in using the verified income to perform the loss mitigation treatment eligibility analysis, which is done via client provided proprietary tools. Each investor and loan type will have different modification eligibility requirements that may include, but are not limited to debt-to-income ratios, unencumbered/ surplus income amounts, property occupancy status, reason for default and required financial documentation.

As senior underwriter, Jane Turbes is successful because she possesses a certain set of characteristics. Turbes is responsible and capable of working independently as well as part of a team. The job position requires someone discreet, as underwriters deal with confidential information on a daily basis. Jane Turbes manages dozens of projects simultaneously and is able to handle a heavy workload. Her excellent organizational abilities come in handy for this very reason.

Jane Turbes: The Youngest of Eight

Jane Turbes is a farm girl turned financial genius. Born in Minnesota as the youngest of 8 siblings, Jane Turbes thanks her family for her work ethic and loyalty. Currently, Jane Turbes works as a senior underwriter for Urban Lending Solutions in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Over the course of nearly 20 years, Jane Turbes has held a wide variety of positions in the finance industry.

Jane Turbes has done everything from credit analysis to real estate financing. Along the way, Turbes gained valuable experience in credit risk, underwriting, real estate transactions, loan documents, residential mortgages, investment properties, loan servicing, construction loans, due diligence, title insurance and more. Basically, Jane Turbes has every skill needed to be successful in a financial career.

Jane Turbes prides herself on the kind of informed decision making that drives growth and change. She is success driven, and has proved her worth in leading financial services enterprises.

Jane Turbes credits her success to strong attention to detail and dedication to quality assurance and client service. Her well-developed interpersonal and problem-solving talents for presenting and negotiating profitable solutions have made her a sought-after team leader. Jane Turbes is and always has been committed to setting and achieving high-performance standards while managing and training teams and discretely handling multiple concurrent projects in a high-productivity environment.

In her time off, Jane Turbes enjoys volunteering her time at the Animal Humane Society and Dumb Friends League. Jane loves animals and owns two Chihuahua puppies that she considers part of her large, close-knit family.

Jane Turbes: A Vital Role

As a senior credit analyst at various leading financial institutions including Commercial Capital and Alliance Bank, Jane Turbes played a vital role on executive management team in underwriting reviewing, structuring, and approving complex commercial real estate loan applications.

With nearly two decades of experience in financial matters, Jane Turbes specialized in analyzing medium to large commercial real estate transactions which included investment properties, multi-family, income producing, hospitality, owner occupied, construction, and land/residential development loans.

During her career, Jane Turbes recommended process enhancements; trained and led teams in precise and timely review, processing, and preparation of summaries to facilitate achievement of business objectives. She is an expert at getting fellow executive leadership approval by preparing and delivering strategic investment packages, comprehensive analyses, assessments, internal rate of returns, valuations, market analysis and decisive recommendations on structure, documentation, and requirement levels.

Currently, Jane Turbes works as an underwriter for Urban Lending Solutions. Here, she has effectively applied in-depth knowledge of credit risk, cash flow, loan to value, market analysis, industry comparison, variable analysis, and review of third-party reports and legal documents.

Jane Turbes’ comprehensive experience further includes credit analysis and underwriting, cash flow analysis, pro-forma generation and due diligence in determining loan approvals of a diverse base of real estate projects with concentrations in land development, investment properties, construction, and multi-family/apartments.

In her personal life, Jane has realized the value of enjoying every single moment after a death-defying incident a few years ago. She enjoys travelling, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends.

Jane Turbes: Senior Underwriter

Jane Turbes has – over a comprehensive 20-year career – held a variety of jobs in the finance industry. Currently senior underwriter for Urban Lending Solutions in Highlands Ranch Colorado, Jane draws upon her years of knowledge and experience to once again succeed at her work.

Jane Turbes can easily and effectively coordinate and communicate with attorneys, appraisers, surveyors, environmentalists, and title companies for obtaining and evaluating documents. She knows how to write and prepare legal and loan documents. Jane ensures quality throughout all transactions by training and mentoring staff in reviewing loan files and handling confidential data, among other tasks.

The main reason Jane Turbes is so good at what she does is because of her prior experience. For example, during her role as a Senior Analyst at Commercial Capital, INC., Jane fueled bank profitability by developing and managing $200MM 100-client loan portfolio across a comprehensive assortment of commercial, executive, and consumer loans. Jane Turbes further promoted full range of bank products and services, drove end-to-end loan processing from origination through closing for a wide variety of commercial and residential loans, and performed extensive credit analysis and accurately assessed and determined credit risk on loans.

Jane Turbes knows her way around subjects such as extensive credit, cash flow and financial analysis, market analysis, feasibility, risk analysis, pro- formas and due diligence. There is no doubt that Jane Turbes can easily and capably handle any role she is given in a financial or management capacity.

Jane Turbes: Minnesota Native

Jane Turbes is a long time resident of Colorado but was born in Minnesota to a large family. Orphaned and declared diabetic at a very young age, Jane Turbes is no stranger to making her own way through an indifferent world. Jane Turbes has nearly 20 years of experience in all sorts of financial roles. Currently, Jane Turbes works as a senior underwriter for Urban Lending Solutions.

Before becoming an underwriter, Jane Turbes spent some years real estate consulting at Aspen Financial Partners, LLC. She played a vital role on executive management team in underwriting reviewing, structuring, and approving complex commercial real estate loan applications.

As a real estate consultant, Jane Turbes specialized in analyzing medium to large commercial real estate transactions which included investment properties, multi-family, income producing, hospitality, owner occupied, construction, and land/residential development loans.

She effectively applied in-depth knowledge of credit risk, cash flow, loan to value, market analysis, industry comparison, variable analysis, and review of third-party reports and legal documents. Turbes also recommended process enhancements; trained and led a team in precise and timely review, processing, and preparation of summaries to facilitate the achievement of business objectives.

Jane Turbes is an expert in preparing and delivering strategic investment packages, comprehensive analyses, assessments, internal rate of returns, valuations, market analysis and decisive recommendations on structure, documentation, and requirement levels. All these skills help her succeed in every job she has taken over the years. She views her employment as senior underwriter as another chance to show the financial world all she is capable of.

Jane Turbes: Making Time for Hobbies

It is important to keep up your hobbies and activities even while having a job. Jane Turbes has worked 70-hour weeks since she was in college, but that does not mean she has let the other facets of her life suffer. Jane Turbes keeps up with outdoor sports such as professional football and baseball and even plays a little bit in her spare time.

Jane Turbes currently works as an underwriter for Urban Lending Solutions in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The work combines her expertise and knowledge of various financial subjects such as of credit risk, cash flow, loan to value, market analysis, industry comparison, variable analysis, and review of third-party reports and legal documents. Over the years, Turbes has been a loan processor, senior credit and financial analyst, real estate consultant and more.

It is time-consuming work, and Jane often has to stay back most evenings. However, she has not let that deter her from volunteering her time at the local Animal Humane Society and Dumb Friends League. Her motivation for doing so is obvious: Jane Turbes loves her two Chihuahua puppies and regards them as part of her family.

Turbes has been diabetic since the age of ten. She has never let her condition hold her back or define her. Turbes exercises and bikes regularly, and even enjoys cooking and baking pastries for her family. Jane Turbes enjoys doing things for other people, and after a near-death experience, counts herself lucky for every moment she can spend with her family and friends.

Jane Turbes: Caring for Animals

As the owner of two loyal Chihuahua puppies, Jane Turbes understands how important it is to ensure your pets’ safety and welfare. She knows that household pets depend on their owners for love, care and survival, and is committed to organizations that share her values for the humane and devoted treatment of animals throughout the country.

Jane Turbes has been affiliated with both the American Humane Society and the Denver Dumb Friends League, for the most part due to her passionate support of animal welfare and her belief that every pet should never be subjected to the possibilities of neglect, abuse and/or abandonment. She believes that both well-known and respected institutions are committed to the cause of animal protection, rights and care, which is why she has continually shown her support to both throughout the last decade.

Jane Turbes enjoys nothing more than spending quality time with her two Chihuahua puppies, who never fail to provide an endless source of fun and entertainment at home. Each lovable puppy provides her with endless hours of enjoyment and laughter, and have become essential and irreplaceable members of her own family. Jane Turbes is committed to the health and happiness of both animals.

The American Humane Society and the Denver Dumb Friends League take care to give neglected and abused animals sanctuary, and to then connect each animal with a quality and loving family who will be dedicated to the animal’s care throughout the course of its life. Jane Turbes understands the function and necessity of each proud institution, and continues to be committed to each organization’s cause.

Jane Turbes: Sports Buff

Though Jane Turbes maintains a busy, demanding and hectic professional schedule, she still seems to find the time to unwind and relax. She is an adamant and passionate fan of both professional baseball and football, and never misses out on an opportunity to relax and enjoy her favorite teams on either television or in person.

Jane Turbes enjoys the intense and competitive thrill of professional football, and continues to be a passionate and diehard fan of her favorite team. Though she understands that football is a highly-competitive sport, and that every season presents a new set of challenges and possible frustration for her team, she continues to believe in their chances for success, and never gives up on her team, regardless of the situation or the odds.

Jane Turbes is also committed to her family, and will never hesitate to spend time with her loved ones, regardless of her professional obligations. As the youngest of a large Minnesota farm family, Jane Turbes understands how important it is to maintain familial bonds with one’s siblings, which is why she spends much of her free time going on outings and get-togethers with the people she values the most.

Jane Turbes is currently a Community Manager with Hammersmith Management, Inc., a company based in Greenwood Village, Colorado. She is a successful professional charged with the management of an extensive and complex property, and has so far provided admirable service and expert management to her team. Jane Turbes oversees her team with skill, and is determined to make her property one of the most successful in the Hammersmith Management portfolio.

St. Cloud State University Graduate Jane Turbes

It’s been awhile since Jane Turbes walked through the St. Cloud State University commencement ceremony, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Finance over eight years ago. She is proud to be a St. Cloud State alum, and continues to represent the university with honor and distinction.

Jane Turbes prides herself on her academic accomplishments, of which she achieved many during her St. Cloud State student tenure. She was a dedicated and studious academic, devoting herself to the books, learning and high marks in all of her classes. Jane Turbes received attentive and expert instruction on the worlds of both finance and accounting during her college tenure, and continues to apply the lessons learned and knowledge obtained at St. Cloud State University to the successful completion of professional objectives.

Jane Turbes has demonstrated strong business and finance aptitude throughout her professional career, and has achieved much professional success with the likes of Urban Lending Solutions, Commercial Capital, Inc., Aspen Financial Partners, LLC and most recently with Hammersmith Management, Inc. She represents St. Cloud State with distinction, continuing to not only apply her education towards her career, but to also uphold the values that have made St. Cloud such a stand-out academic institution.

Jane Turbes is now an accomplished business professional, something she owes in large part to the education she received at St. Cloud State University. She has a strong work ethic and stays true to long-held ethical priniciples, values that continue to provide her with professional guidance and direction in her present day position as a Community Manager.

Jane Turbes: Effective Management

Jane Turbes has recently joined the Hammersmith Management team, and is now in charge of a large team of property management professionals. As a new community manager, Jane Turbes is charged with providing skilled team leadership and expert budget management and planning. She hopes to be an attribute to Hammersmith Management for many years in the future.

Managing the daily operations of a property can be extremely challenging, though Jane Turbes is up to the challenge. She understands that providing strong team leadership requires diligence, communication and the ability to consider everyone’s point of view before committing to a decision. It also requires, as Jane Turbes understands, the ability to solve complex problems quickly and with care, and to properly delegate responsibility to the most appropriate and qualified personnel.

Jane Turbes promises to be an effective and skilled community manager for Hammersmith for many years to come, and to make her property as efficient and profitable as possible. She understands that her new position will require long hours, and will necessitate a strong commitment of energy and tenacity. She has long since proven herself as an expert professional problem solver, as well as a dedicated workplace leader, and hopes to apply her skills and experience to successful community management.

Jane Turbes is formerly an employee of Urban Lending Solutions, and enjoyed several years of success with both Aspen Financial Partners, LLC and with Commercial Capital, Inc. She is accustomed to working in a deadline-driven and high-expectation environment, and has proven successful as a workplace team leader.

Jane Turbes: A Well Balanced Life

Jane Turbes is an established and committed business professional; someone known for her commitment to her work and to her career. Despite this professional commitment, however, Jane Turbes continues to make the time for her family, her hobbies and for volunteering, leading a well-balanced and often admired life that encompasses the best of both professional success and personal fulfillment.

Jane Turbes comes from large family, and is devoted to their care and their love. Family, at least for her, provides an indispensable source of inspiration, love and support, without which her professional success may not have been possible. Jane Turbes is also passionate about the care and well-being of animals, and currently owns two lovable and adorable Chihuahua puppies that she couldn’t live without. She is an adamant supporter of both the Dumb Friends League and the American Humane Society, and believes that both continue to serve as strong advocates for animal safety and welfare.

Jane Turbes enjoys life, and makes every effort to live her life to the fullest. For her, this means spending as much time with family and friends as possible, and to enjoying as much of the world as she can through her love of travel. She is an adamant bicyclist and lover of the outdoors, and currently enjoys both cooking and pastry-baking.

Jane Turbes is a big fan of professional sports, particularly the thrill of competitive baseball and football. She never misses an opportunity to catch a game in-person, or to root one of her favorite teams on to victory.

Jane Turbes: Volunteer

Jane Turbes understands that a community’s strength often depends on the generosity of local volunteers; people who donate their time and effort to support charitable organizations that help the less fortunate. Jane Turbes is passionate about helping others, and is always seeking ways to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Jane Turbes takes the time to make a difference for her local church. She understands how valuable the church is in the lives of the less fortunate, and that the church is often times a family’s lone and most dependable source of relief and support. Jane Turbes also understands that church volunteers are what make their services possible, which is why she is so willing, ready and able to show her support in person as much as she can.

Jane Turbes has also provided consistent support and love for the American Humane Society and the Dumb Friends League. She believes that both organizations continue to make significant strides in the fight to protect the health and safety of animals. She also understands that both continue to offer sanctuary for abused and/or mistreated animals, and that the work of each has gone a long way towards raising awareness and support for the proper care of household pets.

Jane Turbes desires to make a positive impact on her local community, and to provide both local and national nonprofit organizations with the support they need to be successful. She is a devoted volunteer and an indispensable member of her local community. Her unwavering commitment to charity and to support of the less-fortunate help to make her community a better place to live.

Jane Turbes: An Impressive Professional Career

Jane Turbes has enjoyed much success in the professional community, particularly as an employee of the financial industry. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from St. Cloud State University, Jane Turbes hit the ground running, quickly establishing herself as a skilled and sought-after financial industry professional for Commercial Capital, Inc.

As a Vice President Senior Analyst for Commercial Capital, Jane Turbes specialized in the analysis of medium to large commercial real estate transactions. These transactions covered a wide array of properties, including multi-family, investment properties, hospitality, owner-occupied, construction and more. Relying on an in-depth knowledge of cash flow, credit risk, market analysis, variable analysis, industry comparison and more, Jane Turbes provided recommendations that helped to facilitate achievement of the company’s objectives, and to improve the Commercial’s overall productivity.

Jane Turbes provided skilled financial analysis to Commercial Capital for over two years before joining Red Rocks Holdings/Aspen Financial Partners, LLC. As a Senior Financial Officer for her new company, Jane Turbes worked with clients to determine their financial needs, and to provide expert advice on the creation of potential financial solutions. She also provided skilled team coaching and training to members of the Aspen Financial Partners staff.

Jane Turbes quickly became an indispensable asset to her new team, and provided four years of dedicated service to Aspen Financial before joining Urban Lending Solutions, her current employer. She is formerly a Mortgage Loan Specialist for Urban Lending Solutions though she now provides expert analysis, team building and problem solving to Hammersmith Management, Inc.