Preventing Electrical Shocks/Burns

By: Chandler Kelly


  • Allowing grease to buildup
  • Using damp pot holders and oven mitts to handle hot items
  • Bumping a hot pan off the range
  • Cleaning appliances while still hot
  • Having aerosol cans near heat
  • Not knowing how to use a fire extinguisher


  • Wear close-fitting clothes
  • Roll up sleeves
  • Tie back hair
  • Keep flammable materials 3 feet away from the range
  • Use dry potholders & oven mitts when handling how items
  • Turn pot & pan handles toward center of the range
  • Carefully watch foods while they cook
  • Tilt cover of hot pan so steam flows away from you
  • Let appliances cool before cleaning them
  • Stand to the side as you open hot oven
  • Keep aerosol cans away from heat
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby