Natural Fiber 1

where it comes from

The cotton fiber grows on the seed of a variety of plants of the genus Gossypium. Of the four cotton species cultivated for fibre, the most important are G. hirsutum, which originated in Mexico and produces 90% of the world's cotton



An estimated 60% of cotton fiber is used as yarn and threads in a wide range of clothing, most notably in shirts, T-shirts and jeans, but also in coats, jackets, underwear and foundation garments.

Cotton is also used to make home furnishings, such as draperies, bedspreads and window blinds, and is the most commonly used fiber in sheets, pillowcases, towels and washcloths


About the fiber

Cotton is almost pure cellulose, with softness and breath ability that have made it the world's most popular natural fiber. Fiber length varies from 10 to 65 mm, and diameter from 11 to 22 microns. It absorbs moisture readily, which makes cotton clothes comfortable in hot weather, while high tensile strength in soap solutions means they are easy to wash.