Chuck Taylor

creator of Converse ©

Who are They? What are they famous for?

Chuck Taylor is famous for the famous shoe the converse or as some call it the Chuck Taylor Allstars.


Chuck Taylor was born in Indiana in 1901. He was raised by his mom Betty Cooker and he had no sibilings ang his dad wasn't in the picture.


Chuck Talyor is worth 2 million dollars. The company converse has increases big time 110 billion dollars.

Where are they now?

The company is making more and more shoes. They're making them more colorful and adding designs. They have made high tops.


Chuck Taylor died in 1969 and didn't give anything to a foundation.

Exciting Facts

Chuck Taylor started as a U.S. Military consultant and the soliders wore converse.

He began selling the shoes out of his car.

He was an allstar basketball player.

Converse were first worn in the movie Tall Story, Dennis the Menace,and Sandlot.