All About Elephants!

by: Sophia

Elephant tusks and ivory.

Elephants have tusks and ivory that are very popular.The heaviest african tusk was 295 pounds 11ft 6in.An Elephant up to seven tusks have been recorded. Most Elephants wrestle with there tusk.Mothers use it to stroke its baby.people kill Elephants for there ivory.Elephants have interesting trunk and tusks.

Elephants on the move

Elephants are always on the move.Elephants need alot of food and water.So it needs to travel alot to find enough.An elephant walks around about the some speed you jog.It can race at 40 killometers 25 miles an hour.Elephants feet are specially designed so that they dont make alot of noise.Elephants have really big feet.

baby Elephants!

Elephants eat alot of food.Elephants need it because they are so big.An elephant eats about 300 pounds of food every day.Elephants eat mostly plants and flowers.Elephants eat alot.

baby elephants!

Baby elephants are super cool.Baby elephants grow in the stomach for 22 months.A newborn weighs more than a average human 200-220.A male weighs 265 Ibs.Elephants milk looks thin and watery.Babys put on weight at rate of 22-44 Ibs.10-20 kg per month.babies are verry interesting.

Elephants dieing!

The way elephants die is kind of weird.If one dies the others will cover with brances,grass and soil.If a herd sees they will sometimes smash it.Feel and sniff the remains.Elephants are in dander and need peoples help.An elephant normally lives 65 years.Elephants are strang in this way.