Learning Plan


The first thing Ms.Avery and I worked on was creating a learning management system that would allow her to post assignments and let the student turn them in online. This would also help one of her future goals of having a paperless classroom. The tool I decided to show her was Edmoto because it is very user friendly and simple. She liked how simple it was but still liked to sticking to her website to post assignments and have the students turn in paper copies.
Edmodo at a glance

Flipping into resarch

The next thing we had planned to come up with was a way for the students to research history topics on their own. So we decided to take a closer look at flipboard. Flipboard is an application that slowed you to search for articles and topics that interest you or was assigned to you. This slowed the students to start with a broad topic and refine their search until they found something that interested them.

Meet Flipboard.

presentation time

The final part our plan was to find a way to have the students create presentations using different outlets that isn't powerpoint. So I showed Ms.Avery several different types of way for the students to present their material. One site I presented to here was s'more which is a interactive poster that allows you to put videos, pictures and several other things on it.It is also the tool I used to make this page. Another application she wanted to learn about was prezi. Prezi is an online presentation creator that allows the students to make fun presentations the zoom in and out at different locations on a picture where the can put information. Another presentation tool a discussed with her was google slides. Google slides is very close to powerpoint but it can be accessed from any computer and it is easy to collaborate on with two or more people. In the end she decided that she was going to show the students all of these and let them explore others as long as they were online.

This Is the Moment