Beech Class

Week of September 21

There was lots squeezed into this three day week! The Beech class created self-portraits using mirrors, pencils, oil pastels and watercolors. Children took part in Reading Workshop, practicing reading with quiet voices and using the illustrations to tell the story with partners. We had lots of read aloud books this week, including Ten Black Dots and Freight Train, both written and illustrated by Donald Crews. In a classroom community meeting, using puppets, we talked about how children could help each other make sure everyone had a friend to play with at recess time.


After a read aloud of The Button Box, a story about a child exploring his grandmother's button collection, children engaged in a series of math explorations using buttons. Children worked with partners to sort buttons based on attributes they selected. Some children chose to sort by color, while others sorted by the number of holes in each button, by finish, by size, or by shape. If you have buttons to add to our collection, please send them in!

Exploration Time

And last, but definitely not least, we met a Beech tree!

We took our first trip to Fort Greene Park today! There, we met an enormous, gorgeous European Beech tree. We spent some time exploring, some time just relaxing and listening, and some time drawing the Beech tree. We hope to return to Fort Greene Park and visit "our" tree every Friday. Enjoy the picture gallery below!
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