History of the Camera

By: Derek C.

Camera Timelines

The history of camera's have evolved from disposable camera's in 1986, to Kid friendly camera's in 2013. The camera's differ from regular camera's, to cell phone camera's, and even to "Fish-Eye" camera's. Camera's have helped change history throughout the world, it is a great source of capturing events in the world. That's why camera's have a huge impact on the world, and it's people.

Cameras can be for all different people in this world.

Cameras are so versatile, some such as the Nikon D700, and the Kodak Camera can be used as cameras for professional quality. They can take high pixel density pictures, and are very high quality pictures. On the other hand, cameras such as the KIDIZOOM and the disposable camera are cameras that take quick, memorable photos. That's how cameras range from professional cameras, to kid-friendly cameras.

Cameras purpose.

Cameras can be used for many purposes, such as the Nikon cameras for professional photographers, and other business. Others can be kid-friendly, like the KIDIZOOM. Also, disposable cameras can be used for people with lots photos, to take quickly. Cameras take and capture history in time, and it tells us about our past. Cameras have helped shape our history in many ways.
Canon EOS - The History of Canon's Digital SLR Cameras
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