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zu Hause

German 1 students have successfully completed Unit 3! We learned how to
  • describe where we live
  • name some furniture items and describe them
  • refer to people and things with pronouns
  • describe our family members
  • being polite
  • offer a beverage or snack to someone
  • request something

We began to explore as well small and big differences between American and German cultures regarding beverages, foods, and dining out. For example, if you order a "Limo" in Germany, don't expect a long, fancy car to pull up anytime soon!

STEM Initiative Contest: Win a trip to Germany!

The Goethe-Institut invites high school students who are interested in science to discover Germany! 12 talented young scientists will have the opportunity to travel to Germany from Nov 28 - Dec 7, 2014. This trip is an all-expenses paid trip.


On Thursday and Friday, the German 1 students presented to the class their self-made family albums and described each of their relatives in German to the class. We saw a variety of albums: Prezis, PowerPoints, and scrapbook-style. All of the students were able to introduce their family members completely in German! Great work!
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Next meeting is Wednesday morning Sept 24 7:30 in A216. Topics for discussion are:

  • dues collection $15/$25 (includes T-shirt)
  • finalize T-shirt design
  • create team for National German Week celebrations
  • work on plan for Homecoming float

Weekend Immersed in Language Development Program in AL

The AAFLT is proud to announce the 10th annual W.I.L.D. program for students of Spanish, French, and German who have completed one full course of the target language or who are heritage language learners of that language. See your teacher for details

Tutoring Available

National Honor Society students are offering tutoring for students of German during all lunches in the counseling center. Get a leg up and build a strong foundation during level one. I know many of the students who are there to help, and they are amazing.
Edmodo: Our classroom management site

Students should be checking this almost every day for news about the classroom, prompts for speaking, listening, writing, and reading, and rubrics for projects.

Quizlet: Our vocabulary reinforcement site

Students are required to complete the "Learn" mode for each unit and are encouraged to engage in the other modes (Speller, Test, Space Race, Flashcards, and Scatter).

The Best Education is Found in Travel

My blog about my Fund for Teachers grant to Austria summer 2013 and how I am bringing my experiences and knowledge gained to the classroom along with other posts related to German language and culture education.

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