Terry Fox

By Erika Guerrero

Terry's Leadership

As we all know, Terry fox wasn't just a man with cancer. He was known for many other incredible things. He was an inspiration to many people across Canada and possibly all around the world. He lead most people to believe that you have to try and great things will overcome all odds. Terry also put people in front of him and was always a humble person. Most people were encouraged because of him and his actions which is why he takes on such an excellent role in leadership.

Marathon of Hope

Fox was a man for doing many remarkable things. As we know, Terry participated in the Marathon of Hope to raise money for cancer research. Of course, this demonstrates an amazing amount of leadership because he put his whole life into the marathon due to how dedicated and serious he was about cancer. One of Nelson Mandela's quotes; "Lead from the back - and let others believe they are in front" truly describes Terry Fox in the best way possible. He did this for the people who had cancer and not only for himself which is why he always put people first.

Nelson Mandela's Lessons of Leadership

A quote by Nelson Mandela is truly impacted on Terry himself. "Courage is not the absence of fear - it's inspiring others to move beyond it" shows how much Terry inspired people across Canada to not let the fear get the best of you. Despite Terry's cancer and amputated leg, nothing stopped him from running day and night.

"Appearance matters - and remember to smile" - Nelson Mandela

A lot of people would define Terry as a humble and a determined person. Although, he was amputated that didn't stop him from being happy and smiling all the time which is why most people admired him.