Brycen Thielbar, 8th hour

What You Do In This Career

In this career you do the diagnosis and surgery of the foot and ankle while working with other's in a medical workplace.

Education Needed

A bachelor's degree in podiatric medicine and 90 hours of undergraduate study. Helpful high school classes are advanced math, and science classes, along with English and speech.

Cost of Tuition and Living

Tuition alone for all 4 years costs $146,600.

With other costs such as gas, groceries, clothes, and living you will spend $167,900 total.

I believe that it will be tough pulling off these expenses without working or getting loans and help from others.

I don't think I will pursue this career because I am interested in Real Estate.

Associations You Could Join

American Podiatric Medical Association

Wisconsin society of podiatric medicine

Pros and cons


high paying

meet new people

work in a nice setting


lot of schooling

have to see broken bones


Are you interested in the health science field? If yes, you should become a podiatrist.ba podiatrist does diagnosis and surgery on the foot and ankle. One perk of this job is you’ll get your own office. All you need is 4 years of college and you’ll be making 70 grand a year.


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